Common Household Things You Can Use to DIY Your Skincare

Wouldn't it be great if you had a full-blown beauty store in your house? Well, you do! Here are 5 ingredients you have around your house that you can use for all-natural bath & body recipes.

1) Sea Salt/Himalayan Salt

Salt has many uses and properties - you can use it as part of a soothing bath tea or an invigorating & environmentally friendly scrub. Exfoliating beads be gone! Salt is also great at cleansing & disinfecting, so use it liberally on things like sneaker-feet and warm rinses for oral injuries.

2) Honey

This raw, unfiltered ingredient is mostly used in a bath soak that’s as old as Egypt. But you can also use it as a blemish buster or pore cleanser directly on your face.

3) Coconut/Almond Milk

These both have a lovely silky feeling and are GREAT for scalp scrubs - mix either (or both!) with a bit of yogurt & camphor oil. Plus, they smell amazing. 

These are also useful for SO many other things, so click below to download a pretty little printable chock full of ideas for using these two in other things.

4) Old Toothbrushes

OK, this isn’t technically an ingredient, but using an old toothbrush in combo with any scrub is a great way to help in exfoliating on any part of your body (even your hair.) Plus, you know they're soft enough, they're not going to tug or inflame anything they shouldn't.

5) Ginger

This stimulating ingredient can help in multiple ways, combine it with sugar, olive oil, and some lemon zest for a circulation-improving skin scrub. Bonus: ginger’s also a great way to soothe your stomach, so save a little ginger to make a light tea to sip.

I’d love to hear how these work out for you, so comment below with your favorite use for any of these. (Also, remember to grab the printable below.)


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