10 Ways to Supercharge Your Energy

Feeling the end-of-summer blues coming ahead? Need a little energy boost to keep that vibe from slipping? Not to worry.

We've searched the web for 10 ways to supercharge the energy in your daily routine to get your mindset, and your routine, back on track. 

Stay Naturally Energized by taking advantage of the day 

The extra daylight affords us the time to get more done and have more choices when it comes to nutrition. Read what the experts have to say.

Breakfast is the meal of champions, right?

For a twist on the same old recipes floating around the net, here are 21 Energy Boosting Breakfast Toast Ideas.

Keep the momentum throughout the day

Don't discount lunches or skip meals. Energy comes from what we eat. Here are 14 Energy boosting lunch ideas.

Healthy snacks don't have to be tasteless and keep our energy levels up

Try these energy bites made 7 different ways. Bonus! You don't have to bake them.

We are what we surround ourselves with..

We found 15 ways to fill your home with positive energy. This is a keeper! 

And don't forget to remove any negative any that might be lurking

This link will take you to 15 ways to banish negative energy from your home.

Boost your energy with a little help from meditation

Guided meditation specifically for energy boosting can be found right here!

Balance your Energy via your chakras by going right to the source

21 days to energy balance has so much info on chakra balance, reiki healing and is wealth of knowledge.

Finally, add some energy to your beauty routine

Nature's ingredients like apple, lime, mango, shea butter, calendula and oils are reminders you can wear right on your skin. In fact, the Energy Beauty Box is coming August 17th.

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I'm all for Energy in my Inbox

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