Finding Me-time in your day - Every mom's challenge

Perhaps the biggest challenge for moms that I hear is the need for more me-time in their day. It just doesn't exist anymore, not for the moms who are too busy being great moms, doing it all. Here's the thing, though, carving out a little bit of time in your day just for you, free from the noise of work, the household, the schedule that is calling, the housecleaning--it's more critical than we might think. Yet, we so rarely take it. Why?

Because of priorities, and what we consider to be the most deserving of our time.

If we don't make ourselves a priority in our day, the repercussions are eventually loud and difficult to fix.

Sure our kids and houses and work are priorities, but if there is one thing I have learned from years of experience it is this: if you don't make time, just a small about of time carved out in your day, to focus on something that makes you happy, or just for some decompression time, everything else can easily fall apart. 

What making time, not waiting for time, for yourself looks like:

  • getting up early to spend an hour doing yoga or sipping tea while journaling with an inspirational book
  • going to bed an hour early to read so that you sleep better (choose a book that helps you with some sort of goal-setting)
  • scheduling in an hour to take a walk
  • creating your own bath-time routine at night, one that involves bubbles, candles and luxury bath soaps
  • making coffee dates with a friend (at work or otherwise) a priority. 
  • finding a creative outlet to move your hands and allow your mind to relax at the same time

1 hour per day.

What is the worst that could happen? You will be happier? You will be a better mom for having taken time to decompress? Some additional reading.

Share your ideas with us here if you have found a way to incorporate one of the above ideas, or your own, into an action plan in your own life. We would love to hear it. 

Better yet, come over and share in real time with our community of women in the Facebook group. 



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