Why goats can teach us a thing or two about life

Let's talk about why I'm a little goat-obsessed, always have been really. What's not to love about those silly buggers? 

Why goats can teach us a thing or two about life (don't act like you didn't know this):

They take on an I'm-doin'-my-own-thing-here--So-what? Attitude. And they own it.


They climb as high as they need to go so that they can get a view of the big picture.


They take the time to reflect to reflect when they need to.


They dance like no one is watching.

They aren't afraid to climb the walls in front of them in order to get where they want to go.

They're willing to meet you half way. 

And finally, they know that everyone has SOMETHING to smile about.

Happy Friday. 

By the way, not only are goats fun, quirky and hilarious, they also help us make a really incredible soap. Soak up a little creamy, lathery goat's milk inspiration right here. 



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