Why Moms are Opting for Natural Soaps

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Many Moms are searching for simple solutions to implement more natural practices within their households. It isn't surprising that one of the first product replacements tends to be all natural soaps.

Why are Moms making the switch for their families?

Because they are educating themselves in order to make more informed decisions when purchasing items their family will use every day.

They now know that:

  • 75% of commercial soap brands contain triclosan, a biocide that still warrants further human study in terms of long-term anti-microbial or otherwise harmful effects (Bergstrom, 2014).
  • Alternatives are also now being considered and in production as a result of the negative reviews and studies (MacCallum, 2015).
  • Commercial soaps also separate the glycerine for other uses, often in more expensive products like lotions or to sell to other manufacturers., rather than leaving the humectant in the soap.
  • Natural soaps made with the cold process method always contain glycerine, which the skin loves.
  • Natural soaps contain vegetable-based oils, rather than tallowate (the product of beef fat and lye), which is a cheaper and more plentiful alternative for commercial producers.
  • Naturals soaps often contain essential oils that refresh the mind and body, a nice benefit.

Basically, moms are opting to replace products like soap because they want to know where their products are coming from, and now small business offer a solution in the form of answers to their question from a real person. 

Have you tried natural soap? If you are someone who has used a mild, detergent-based (unscented) soap for years, handmade soap is just waiting for you. Try the real thing today.

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