20 Reasons why October is a Symphony Wrapped in Comfort

Autumn may be my Second Spring, the time of year things come together, the time when change ensues along with the colors of the leaves, but with the rush of cool air and new classes on the calendar, there is the familiarity that I welcome. I call it comfort.


20 simple reasons why October plays notes of dream-like Comfort:

  • painted leaves
  • hoodies & hayrides
  • sweaters
  • bonfires & marshmallows
  • Socks & Sweats
  • trick or treat
  • English Breakfast
  • pumpkin everything
  • cinnamon & nutmeg
  • a new book
  • candles like cake
  • orange & clove
  • quilts over toes
  • frost, coffee & morning solitude
  • apple cider
  • warm baths
  • a walk in the woods
  • Oktoberfest & lager
  • Twinkle lights
  • amber glow or harvest moon

And suddenly here I am, revisiting all of the Octobers I have ever known, as if they never really left -- because sometimes a familiar scent, the crunch of leaves underfoot or a morning frost  is all it takes to bring it rushing back. 

It's true, the Octobers of my forties may go by more quickly than those of my twenties, but that's why I stop and reflect on the days now, so that they don't escape my reach. Like so many things in life these days, pausing and just remembering brings warmth and comfort--because this way the things we love, the familiar scents and the comfort we crave remain a little longer before a new month is upon us and the next season of our lives takes shape. 

Tell me, what would you add to your own symphony of October to continue what I started above?

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