How Vision Boards Have Helped me Manifest My Big Dreams

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One thing I rely on every year in my life and in my business is my vision board. If I don't have  a focus for the year, an idea of what I am working for, a tangible image (odd way to describe a magical board, I know!) of where my priorities need to rest, I will quickly spiral into overwork and overwhelm.

Hence, the complete version of my own vision board routine came to be. It is so much more than images on cardboard. In fact, it is an entire exercise based on deep reflection and meditation that results in purposeful words & images I can visit as mantras and affirmations going forward as the year progresses. It is, in a word, magical.

What my vision board workshop affords me and what it can afford you, too:

  • the luxury of a purposeful workday
  • priorities that benefit my family
  • greater income
  • meaningful habits
  • discovery and travel
  • the ability to give back

All of this because I take the time to dive a little deeper than most likely do. I approach this like I do my lessons in any class and give it my all, knowing that I am a student as well as a teacher and that someday, someone else will benefit. Maybe that day is today for you. May as well start (or finish) the year off with a bang, wherever you happen to be right now, because it's never too late!!

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And if you still need a little push, I'll share this: Vision Boards allow you to see your big, beautiful dreams unfolding right before your very eyes. What this means is that if you are stuck, feeling limited or unsure as to what you want or what you THINK you can actually achieve, this is your first step to getting unblocked. It's a way to avoid giving up and going back to the comfort of what you know. It's really about letting your full purpose and potential shine through.


Vision Boards allow the sub conscience to have a voice. It begins to paint a beautifully magnificent picture right in front of you when you let it out. it's a visual affirmation.

Invite a group of friends and play the workshop for them and most of all, know that you are just beginning to manifest your dreams.

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