5 Steps to Better Skin in your Forties

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Lets talk about how our skin changes after forty, shall we? I have never, ever had an issue with acne, blemishes, blotchy or red skin ---nada. And then I turned forty-something and my skin decided to do everything. It went oily AND dry; it started to become even more sensitive to things touching it, even hair products. I couldn't even wear liquid make-up without getting these crazy bumps all over. My poor lips started to dry and flake, too. I felt like I was imploding (cue the Walking Dead).

Needless to say, I couldn't very well own a natural skincare company and have wacky things going on with my face, could I? So, I did what I always do, I created a line for my face, much the same way I developed the soap to meet the needs of my sensitive skin a few years ago.

First, I researched for a long time. I looked into Korean skincare in particular and decided I wanted a multi-tiered approach that included a very gentle lotion cleanser. I also wanted to incorporate botanicals and lots of aloe and green tea.

The end result was amazing and I just adore this cleanser. Today, my skin feels so soft and wonderful. I kept going with a line of products that were simple to use, had simple ingredients and gave me the results I was looking for. 

So, if you are going through the crazy skin stage of your early-ish forties, you can try my approach to see how your skin feels. 

    • Start with a lotion cleanser that removes allllll of your make-up, too.
    • Spritz with a natural toner. The one I use and may sell at some point has botanicals, extracts, marine minerals and protein. It also has Tamarind Seed Extract, which has moisturizing effectiveness equal to Hyaluronic Acid. It also contains Aloe Vera with extracts of German Chamomile, Japanese Green Tea and Cucumber. Finally, Wheat protein and marine minerals containing Selenium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Calcium and Germanium create a power punch of amazingness that I just LOVE. 
    • Follow with an unscented cream with hyaluronic acid --oooooh so nice on the skin.
    • Once a week I use my rose clay mask, which has goat milk powder to moisturize.
    • Finally, I use a lip scrub with butters and oils that pamper my lips. I wipe that off gently and apply my ultra-moisturizing lip balm. 

And that's it. It works perfectly for me, along with staying hydrated and happy. What are your secrets to clear skin amidst the hormonal chaos of the perimenopause years?

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