Summer of College for Mom and the Boys. Life keeps on Moving Along.

I just dropped my youngest guy off at the College of Education here at my University for his summer reading program. It’s the last day of the program and he has done very well. He’s my little go-getter.

sam college

I just told him he was going to college. He was cool with that.

I usually sit and work at one of the coffee shops while he is busy in class. It takes a little while to walk down Main St., and today I was feeling a little blah –not sure that’s the right word. I spent most of last evening with my youngest and oldest, having dinner, going for ice cream…ordering bedding for college.

My boy is leaving soon.

Dropping Sam off and thinking about my oldest leaving was just getting me a little teary, when I noticed this:

temple balloons

The entire street is coated in balloons. Not the balloons of this University…the colors of my son’s school. I believe there are signs everywhere, if we pay attention. I worry about him. Can a thousand balloons be my sign that he will be just fine? I’m going to say that it is.

I decided to just keep walking today and found myself at the foot of the building where I will teach in September. While I’ve been here for years now, things sometimes still feel new to me. New class, new department.

memorial hall

We figure it out as we go, but we always keep on going.

memorial hall 2

Because the big picture is worth it.

memorial hall3

Wishing all of you moms out there a little love and TLC as you send your babies off to school this year.



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