Seasons of possibility – Finding your magic place by making room.

fairy quote

As the garden continues to show evidence of rebirth, and new plants and seeds go up on the hill for summer dinners and canning my Grandmother’s sauce, there is a secret place hidden under my lilacs in the perennial beds…

It’s a spot that only a trained eye could see well, but that I always know is there, another reminder of the little girl in me that itched for a fairy garden of her own–along with that tree house, but that’s another post.

This is not to say that I believe in fairies, or to talk about anything of that sort. This is about the belief in making a little magic happen for yourself, in opening up a space to let it happen, in freeing up a little room for creativity and light and fun–and new beginnings.

I live in a house emanating masculine energy…it’s full of boys. I love that.


Sometimes a girl needs to be a girl. If that means getting down in the dirt, chin resting on my hands and a smile on my face, the scent of lilacs wafting around me, while tiny fairy images and stepping stones look back at me…in a place no soccer ball can conquer? Okay. In fact, I like that.

fairy path

fairy garden sign

fairy gate

fairy girl

Like me, they are waking up to a season full of possibility. There is so much growth yet to come…



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