Connections, and coming full Circle


The business Erin and I started was never just about soap and lotion.

This gift box, and the message behind it, is the reason we started Second Spring Naturals; it is a means now of finally, tangibly, expressing what we mean when we say we have sought something better for ourselves in beginning this journey. Call it self care, call it discovery, call it whatever you choose: we call it connection.


The Ferris Wheel at the Ocean City Boardwalk where we worked the summer after high school graduation.

Isn’t that what we look for in moments of stress and even joy? Connection? This is our way to help you to reach out and gently touch someone’s hand across great distances to simply let them know they are on your mind, and, more importantly, that you’ve taken the time to write something specific to their situation. It’s time to bring the personal style of writing, and even incorporate a little flowers into the mix.

HELLO, BEAUTIFUL! speaks to friendship, sisterhood, family…connection.

erin and carrie old

Catholic School days. Every picture I found has us side by side. We get separated sometimes, but always find our way right back. We were always just a phone call, or a letter…away.

You send the message to someone deserving. Who? Here are just some thoughts as to the woman who might receive a box like this:
• She has just turned forty and is questioning the rest of her life
• She is welcoming her first grandchild
• She is changing careers, voluntarily or otherwise, and seeing possibility ahead
• She is experiencing the end of a relationship, and focusing on positive change
• She is becoming an empty-nester
• She is going back to school or just starting her first year of college at 18
• She is going through a weight loss journey
• She is experiencing her first pregnancy
• She is living life as a single woman for the first time in seventy years
• She is dealing with a serious health crisis and taking charge of her own body as best she can
• She has decided become educated on eating well, living well and nurturing her body and soul
• She has made a decision to stop living her life for someone else and is starting her life anew

What will you receive in the LAVENDER BOX?

A note card:

The single page note cards are made from our recycled soap band papers and flowers from a florist who purchases our products for baskets to give her clients. We’ve incorporated the flowers into the note cards themselves and pressed a few directly on top. Each one will be unique, just like the person who receives it. The cards will have a special message, penned by one of us, but written by the sender of the box. We will simply act as your intermediary, and will be honored to do so. If you have writer’s block, just ask for help. That’s what this is all about–working together. Keep it as simple as you like–the cards are only so big, after all.

A hand-sewn soap bag:

One of the items we’re really pleased to offer in our Hello, Beautiful! Boxes is our hand-sewn soap bags that are made of 100% cotton terry–fabric from a local supplier. They are sewn to fit our soap bars and also can be used as a washcloth. You can keep the soap in them while you wash and lather up, store the soap in them and also wash the bags as you would a wash cloth. There is a chord to hang it in the shower and a pouch flip at the top to close it:)

1 – 4 ounce lavender tea tree handmade body cream
1 – wrapped lavender oatmeal soap bar weighing approximately 3-4 ounces
1 – bag of our Sweet Surrender Bath Tea weighing approximately 2 ounces
1 – reusable mesh bath tea bag
1 – small card describing the boxes and their message

***** An exciting note: We spoke to the director of Wings for Success today about how happy we are to donate a portion of our sales from these boxes to their organization. We support their vision and share in their philosophy of women supporting women. This just makes everything better.

Per their Director:

Wings for Success empowers women in need to pursue employment and economic security through apparel, advice and advocacy. Wings serves more than 600 women each year throughout the Philadelphia suburbs. Visit them at to learn more.

lavender basket1

Are you ready?



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