The Law of Attraction



As my list of reading grows in direct correlation to where my life is taking me these days, I’ve noticed it all basically boils down to one thing: The Law of Attraction. I have to admit, the thinking behind this philosophy/theory has always been within my grasp, but I was putting up way too many walls to finally go with it. I also had no idea this was the assigned nomenclature that went along with this new pattern in my life these days. Turns out, it’s an age old wisdom and has been here all along. Who knew?

The basic theory is that like attracts like. What you put out via your thoughts and emotions you will receive. Simple enough, but if you start to really read and delve into it, it can get complicated fairly quickly, so maybe stay with the simple version. It all boils down to our thoughts. For me, those thoughts are images, sometimes words in bubbles that illustrate a future that I WANT to see happen right now. Why shouldn’t it start right now? Such a simple question, really. I know, the answers are quick and endless: money, time, responsibility…so many excuses as to why we don’t do what we love and instead stay miserable, content to give only half of ourselves to our family as we walk around the world half empty all of the time.

What I’ve learned is that if you let the fantasies of a happy life take over your whole being they will bring about very good things. So this is the Law of Attraction, I guess. It takes a little practice, especially if you are accustomed to allowing fear override every other thought pattern–sometimes.

All of the connections that have been “happening” on a personal and professional level lately can’t possibly be randomly happening after so many years, though, is what I’m thinking right now. They are happening because I made a commitment to change my mindset, forgive my old self for whatever needs to be forgiven, and use my talents to help others while improving my own situation. The future is uncertain in many ways (finances are always scary), but I’m not afraid anymore. The fear I have always felt, from the time I was a young child (creative people I am CONVINCED were born with extra “sensitivity genes” that are both a blessing and a curse) has finally been replaced ALMOST 100% by motivation and enthusiastic glee. Dare I say that I feel happy?

When you feel happy, you attract happy people. You attract opportunity. I like this sh@t.

There’s much to read about this Law of Attraction deal, not only from people who are known for it like Esther and Jerry Hicks, Rhonda Byrne or Jack Canfield, but others allude to this theory in their own teaching and practice. Anne Lamott has always been a favorite as an inspiration for writing, but also for life in general. A New Earth is a good place to start for some reading, but how could you resist a title like Love Does?

My own reading right now is focused on these two women: Brené Brown and  this book (she is raw in her openness about her vulnerabilities and also hilarious).

Happy reading, my friends.



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