Does the universe ever applaud?


It’s a funny thing how when you choose to direct your thinking toward a more positive place, to brighter skies ahead and a future created on your own terms, that the universe seems to stand up and applaud. It might even give you a big old thumbs up. Because even if it takes a while, sometimes you finally get it.

I’m not saying life has been easier this year; quite the contrary, in fact. It’s been difficult balancing family, a job and starting a business, but you know what? It has sure as hell been happier. Ah. What’s that about?

Happiness means surrounding yourself with positive visions of the future and drowning out the fear with images of success ahead. I think I just made up my own definition of a timeless abstract term. Maybe that’s another spin on defining your own terms. Digression…

Back to the vision deal. I’ve always been a visual person. Sometimes visual means writing something down and placing it in front of me so that I can see it as inspiration. Calendars work this way, even better if they are on a wall drawn in chalk. It also means surrounding myself with images of things that inspire me. Often times this comes in the form of words, but it can also be a vision board of future plans–nothing ornate, just my own private goals and dreams in images on paper or a bulletin board in the office. I’m nothing if not a dreamer.

About those dreams…

When we allow them to manifest into real time and space and give ourselves the freedom and opportunity to reach out and touch them, if only with a fingertip, it is a huge step in living a happy, purpose-filled life. When you move in the direction of your dreams (how did Thoreau get in my head today?), there is a synergy that forms as all of the pieces fall together, connect. Sometimes that synergy sparkles. But it doesn’t come without work, and it doesn’t work unless someone else benefits when you give back.  Synergy.

What drives your dreams?



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