Soap Studio Progress – Post 3

We are nearly finished with the soap studio and it has only been two weeks. Despite water damage from burst pipes and other disasters in various parts of the house, the room is still going in on schedule. Always get a reputable contractor! If I could keep these guys here forever I think I would. They really are the best. They get here at exactly 7:20, take twenty minutes for lunch, and are right back to work until exactly 4:30. We have had three brothers working on this room and another room (for the boys–because boys need to stay out of soap rooms). They made my shelves and island yesterday, so that by the time I got home from work. it was ready. They also put in the floor I wanted that I was able to design with chips we ordered in the mail–so fun.

They also have a lot of questions about soap now. LOL.

The paint still needs to be applied to the cabinets, shelves, undercarriage of the island and to two other pieces of furniture that are being recycled. I’m using chalk paint in some very cool colors–have to wait and see. I also have a wall decal or two that will go up, along with a few other things…The hallway will have regular shelving units that I will put in this weekend for bulk storage of jars and oils.

The electrician still needs to come install the ventilation system (lye fumes and essential oils…), and switches as well as overhead lighting, but the wiring is already complete for everything. The plumber comes back to finish hooking up the sink now that the guys installed it and we’re done! Just painting details…

It’s a little dark in there without the lighting to work with, but here are some shots for comparison, along with links to last week’s pictures.

hello beautiful

This will sit on the center shelf to showcase our products.

chalk paint

This is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Click on it and it will take you to her page where you can see how fun this is to work with. I purchased a few of these, one of which is empress silk (red). Source: – Annie Sloan – picture linked


Cabinet knobs:)

One of two chairs that will go into the space.

One of two chairs that will go into the space.

shelves and island

And now for a dark shot. Sorry! Lighting going in soon. Paint to follow.

sink shot better

Sink and counter are installed–almost completely.

island shot

More shots to come, hopefully with a little color and better lighting.

Here’s a link to post 1, just two weeks ago.

And post 2.

In the meantime, we’re still making soap!



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