Soap Room Progress – Post 2

If you didn’t read the first post, head here.


I have to admit that this process is very much akin to getting that tree house I always dreamed of as a kid. Only it isn’t a tree house. I can put a tree on the wall, however.

This is what I came home to today as the fine gentlemen were finishing up their day’s work.


We have cabinets! These will be painted soon.


I just chose my sink yesterday, and here it is! You might also notice the paint cans behind the box. They are labeled “soap room.” Love those contractor guys.

And speaking of paint…


X marks the spot. This will go on the walls.

What walls, you ask?


It’s a little dark in there. The plumber was there, and the electrician hooked up the outlets and lighting, but no lights yet. The ceiling isn’t finished–minor detail.

We also designed the island that they will build for me. I don’t want clunky or anything that takes up too much space. Long, functional and with a ledge underneath for a basket. The legs will look like thick table legs that are painted to match the cabinets, and the top will be wood with a finish. I envision a lot of work getting done there, but also groups of women sitting around it for workshops, events and gatherings. I can’t wait.

Until tomorrow. These guys work quickly!



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