The Soap Studio is in Progress

Here are a few of the before pictures of what will become the soap studio, or business room, or where-it-all-goes-down space. I can’t wait. The men are working full days since they began this week, and it’s probably a good thing I’m out of the house because I would be all up in their business, for sure. Also, my husband just called to ask about paint and sink faucets and wanted a quick answer. Evidently, after eighteen years of marriage, he still has a few things to learn. Anyway, I’m dancing a very happy dance.


Not much to look at yet, but soon there will be walls. And a desk. And two fabulous chairs . And shelving. And a shipping station. And…


An island, and a counter with cabinets. And a ventilation system. And lighting. And a ceiling. And a sink.

We have walls going up. Soon there will be an long table/island and counter with sink and cabinets.

See? Walls. Well, almost. And electricity. Electricity is nice.


View from the hallway, where shelving for oils, jars and other fun things (that I don't want to look at) will stay.

View from the hallway, where shelving for oils, jars and other fun things (that I don’t want to look at) will stay.



door image



Source: Table Mountain Creative Concrete

This is a hint as to the door project to come. I turned one of my mother’s old french doors into a cold frame for my garden this this year. The other has been sitting around, but not anymore. Epoxy floors for easy cleaning, durability and fun flecks. I like fun. In case you wanted a color hint. Just a hint, though. I’ll post updates as they come. The plumber comes tomorrow. I never thought I would be so excited about a visit from the plumber. XOX, C.

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