6 Unconventional Benefits of Choosing a Handmade Soap

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 6 Unconventional Benefits of Choosing a Handmade Soap


When you go to wash your hands or take a shower, you probably don’t think too much about the soap you use. But what if you did? Whether you’re aware of it or not, small choices like what soap you can influence how you feel about yourself and how you move through the world. 


Choosing a handmade item of any kind—soap or otherwise—is a conscious decision to connect with a small-batch product made with love. Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll experience physically, mentally, and even emotionally when you treat yourself to a luxury handmade soap. 

1.  You’ll signal to your mind and body that you’re worth it


For many people, choosing a handmade soap requires a bit more time and money than the traditional options you can pick up at the store. But while you’re unlikely to notice the difference of a few dollars, you’re giving yourself a reason to believe you’re valuable and worth the extra effort. This mindset is crucial and will ultimately spill over into other areas of your life, improving your self-esteem holistically. 


2.  You’ll slow down to enjoy a moment of self-care


If you’re someone who rushes through hand-washing to get to the next task on your to-do list, using a handmade soap is the perfect excuse to slow down and take a moment for yourself. Introducing this mindful practice whenever you wash your hands gives a lasting sense of calm and care throughout the day.


3.  You’ll feel gratitude for a little luxury in your day-to-day life


In a similar vein, every time you go to wash your hands, you’ll get to enjoy a small luxury that makes you feel good. Just as you might get a mood boost from splurging on your favorite coffee or bringing out the nice china for dinner, you’ll feel grateful for the special treat when using handmade soap.  


4.  You’ll make an impact by supporting a small business


When you buy soap at the grocery store or other mass retailer, your purchase is a drop in the bucket towards overall revenue. That’s not the case when you buy a handmade soap! Most handmade soaps are made in micro batches by small businesses, so you can feel good knowing your dollars are truly making a difference for the handmade soap store owner. 


5.  You’ll choose an eco-conscious option that benefits the environment


Handmade soaps are typically made with as little waste as possible, bypassing the plastic packaging and mass-produced materials of traditional soaps and soap containers. If you’re hoping to lessen your impact on the environment, swapping soaps is the perfect stepping stone to encourage other sustainable behaviors down the line. 


6.  You’ll connect back with your ancestral roots


Last but not least, it’s easy to forget that all soaps used to be handmade. When you use a handmade soap, you’re connecting back to your ancestors who used to make lye with ashes and spend countless hours crafting their soaps. While today’s atmosphere is a bit different, you can appreciate the history behind the soap when it’s handmade. 


As you can see, choosing to buy a handmade soap is much more than just a simple purchase decision. Your choice sends a signal about what you value, who you are, and how you’ll show up for yourself and others in daily life. We hope you’re inspired to give it a try. Check out our options here to find the perfect handmade soap online! 


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