On Meeting Glennon Doyle of Momastery -- Part 1


If you aren't already a faithful reader of the Momastery Blog, or haven't read Carry on, Warrior, both of which generate hilarious, inspiring, poignant & all-encompassing, love-wrapped, relevant messages for women--women just like you and me-- I thought I would give you a takeaway from the next best thing: meeting the fabulous Glennon Doyle Melton in person.



(pardon my lovely hands--much work in the studio to prep for event in Philly this week = ugly hands--or perhaps I should call them brutiful?)

Sorry--back to it.

My sister has been stalking the interwebs for tickets so that we could go and see her, meet her for about six months now. It all started when I sent her a copy of Glennon's book, as I did for 5 of my girlfriends during Women's History Month last year. She is now a fan. She calls herself my "Emergency Contact," as Glennon often refers to her own Sister (who actually has a name--Hi, Amanda!) because that's how she has her listed in her phone, and because she calls her first in moments of crisis. We can relate to this, my own sister and I.

Here we are with Glennon and her Sister, Amanda.

Happy. Just happy. I'll get back to the idea of Sisterhood in Part II.

I could have gone to see Glennon back in February when my friend Cari sent me 400 texts (will revisit this one in Part II as well--:) to tell me that I better get my tickets before they were sold out, but I missed the date. However, in February, I was still in the throws of the full-time job, the long commute, running the kids around, getting my oldest ready to go to college,  and also getting the business up and running through its first season. I can see now that it wasn't the right time. I was still in survival-mode.

This November, while I am very busy and incredibly exhausted, it is in a completely different, absolutely fulfilling way. For instance, driving to Wayne on a Sunday while knowing I have a full week ahead didn't leave me with a sense of dread; rather, it left me with a feeling of utter gratitude that I am now able to do these things--while no longer dreading Mondays. Adding these things to my schedule adds joy to my life. November is full of things exactly like this, in fact.  Work has intertwined new friendships and amazing opportunities. As far as the inevitable exhaustion? I can now work in sprints, work how I choose, and know that rest will come soon.

Here's the Church in Wayne where she held her talk and meet and greet.


We waited while listening to music and talking to other ladies, all of whom were there to hear something that would resonate. We all want the same thing, right? We just want to know we aren't alone in this, that we aren't walking this path alone. That's really what it was all about, what she is all about. She lets you know that she is a real person who has gone through some real stuff in her life, but she always gets back up--and then she shares, completely uninhibited. This is what makes Glennon shine.

The song I sat with and reflected upon while we waited for her was Say What You Need To Say by John Mayer. So much of what becomes an issue for us as women is due to the fact that we keep things locked inside. I can personally attest to the power in simply using our voices to express  and release that the crap that builds all of those toxic things like resentment, leads to failed relationships, causes us to hide in unhealthy patterns. Once I began using my own voice, everything changed, in every area of my life.

Once Glennon came out and talked to us, shoes off, cross-legged on a comfy chair, and she had the whole church laughing and crying for an hour and a half. It never ceased, this palpable energy that permeated the room.

In Part II, I will recap the messages I took away from her talk as follow:

  • On Invitations
  • On Judgement
  • On Women & Friendship
  • On Sisterhood
  • On Sitting with the Hot Loneliness
  • On Sensitivity & Vulnerability

Until then. Have a great Monday.




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  • Carrie on

    Hi Jamie!
    Thanks for stopping by to comment:) She was great, wasn’t she? Just posted part II….

  • Jamie on

    I too was at Wayne Presby this weekend and met Glennon and Sister. I still can barely find words to express how I felt during and now after that event – it was the best ticket to anything I have ever bought. I look forward to your part II!!!

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