A Day in the Life of a Massage & Wellness Expert - Holly's Personal Routine

Holly is the owner, and a Massage Therapist of 20 years, at Brandywine Massage & Wellness in Chadds Ford, PA where Second Spring Naturals currently has our local Soapery. 

We spoke with Holly today to ask her about her daily routine, much like a day in the life of a wellness expert. Let's dive right in with our questions and her responses.



As someone who takes care of others, how do you prioritize your own self care? Can you take us through a typical day in the life of Holly, as far as exercise, work, nutrition, whatever you want to share?

Well, the first thing I do in the morning is drink a huge glass of water. Then, I go into the kitchen and put on the tea kettle and drink a few cups of green tea. Typically, after that I let my dogs out and then feed them.

You have 3 boys like I do. Are they up at this time?

No, they're still sleeping. Around 6 I run around and wake up the boys, then I make another cup of green tea. I probably have 5 cups before I leave the house.

Why green tea?

I just know that it is loaded with antioxidants and in my research over the years I read somewhere that 5 cups gives you your complete amount of antioxidants.

So, after your tea infusion, what's next?

Depending on how many clients I have and the timing, I try to get in a run with the dogs. I usually trail run through woods and meadows at a place near my house. 

We can talk more about your day with clients in another post, for sure. Can you take us to the end of your day, once you are back at home?

When I finish the day with clients, I start cooking for my family, which is a very important time for me to bring us all together. When dinner is done and everything is cleaned up, I take an epsom salt bath while I drink...more tea. Ha. This time I have peach, honey and chamomile.

This is going to send me reaching for my tea pot. Can you share any other teas you enjoy?

 I mix it up with Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea and Chamomile.

No coffee?

I don’t drink coffee anymore. I cut out coffee a few years ago and went on a pure alkaline diet to reset my cells. I only ate greens. After doing that I have cleared up my skin and have felt great ever since. I still follow it, but it’s more modified with meat and fish added in...a burger now and again.

To bring our interview to a close, you mentioned that you end every day with a bath...I do, too. What's your reason?

I take a bath every single day. The magnesium in the salts reduces inflammation, so I need all the help I can get after a long day of running kids, working with clients and running the dogs. I can't live without my baths. Basically, my dogs, tea and baths ground me.

Stay tuned for more of Holly's Story, including a day in the life with a client. Thank you for reading.

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  • Flo Hobdell on

    No wonder you look so good Holly! I am putting the teapot on and getting out the green tea.

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