Cleanse Your Home Space With Sage in 2021

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Stemming from Native American traditions, smudging with sage or burning sage throughout your home has become a popular ritual among those who are seeking a bit of energy cleansing and healing today. This practice is even making its way into medicine as east meets west when more practitioners are open to the idea of holistic medicine. 

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In fact, many cultures have similar practices because who wouldn't want some spiritual healing? As we move into 2021 we are all hoping for a little more light and positive energy in our lives and this just may be the perfect way to welcome those good vibes into our homes and into our own energy fields.

First, let's talk about some of the benefits sage smudging is said to bring:

• Sage is said to be purifying. White sage itself is actually antibacterial and antimicrobial, so burning this would make sense as a purifying ritual. There is quite a bit of research out there on sage. You can read more about it here and here. 

• Spiritually, it is said to enhance intuition. In fact, the plant itself, at least certain types of sage, according to some research, may have psychoactive elements. 

• It may help to improve your mood and reduce stress, according to studies. I love my research, so here is a reference for you.

• Sage can help to provide a positive space for meditation as it can help to cleanse an area of negative energy. Burning sage in our homes is typically known for cleansing, which is what most people choose to use it for. 

• Think in terms of aromatherapy. It smells lovely and is simply uplifting.

Combining sage smudging with keeping crystals in your home would be the perfect start to this new year. After all, we can use all of the positive energy and spiritual help we can get coming out of 2020, right?

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How to smudge?

We are offering a smudge and amethyst crystal set right here that comes complete with instructions. It's simple, really, but we'll make it even easier for you.

Give it a try! Tell me what you think in the comments. I know this is part of my new year's ritual and I hope it will be a part of yours as well.

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