The Qualities of our Closest Friends & Why We're Grateful


If you are lucky enough to be blessed with kindred spirits in your life that are a part of your circle of friends, you might just be lucky enough.

I don't mean the casual acquaintance or the people who come in and out of our lives fleetingly. I'm talking about the soul sisters, the like-minded person who adds a touch of sparkle to your life and hangs around for the duration:

Let's take a closer look at this magical soul sister and who she is. 

She likely:

  • Holds conversations in trust 
  • Allows you to express pain & emotion 
  • Doesn't judge
  • Values time
  • Knows real communication goes beyond texts
  • Laughs with you  
  • Shares her own pain 
  • Celebrate your success
  • Accepts you without trying to change you
  • Supports your endeavors
  • Display vulnerability
  • Forgives

Are you among someone's close circle of friends who can relate to the list above? If so, they are lucky to have you in their lives. It's never too late to expand your circle of friends. We all need someone like this in our lives and we likely don't have many friends who fit this description as true "charming gardeners who make our souls blossom" are rare and precious. Friendships like this deserve to be cherished and nurtured. 

It's too bad our lives our so busy that we don't always give these friends the time they deserve because look at what they give us in return if we simply show up and be ourselves. We can only gain happiness and fulfillment. We talk about this more here if you are thinking about making this a priority, like I am. 

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