Give the gift of happiness this year

Whose heart and soul would you like to touch in a simple, but meaningful way this year during the holiday season? If you could do that with a gesture that communicated thoughtfulness and connection, it may speak volumes to the recipient. 


When I think in terms of gift-giving for the holidays this year, I always want to go deeper than a tangible gift that might not have meaning behind it. Anyone who is receiving a gift from me deserves to know that there is thought behind what I truly want to give them during the holiday season and beyond, so that it extends into an every day practice, making a difference in their lives overall. It's often the little things that carry the powerful messages, too. 

What if they received a 3-in-one gift that:

  • offered purifying cleansing in a symbolic salt soap
  • came in a multi-purpose muslin bag stamped with a message quote
  • had a message magnet tucked inside to place in a work space, on a refrigerator or on a vanity mirror

What if you could do all of that in a simple and beautiful gift, and choose the message you want to send. For instance:

To send someone the gift of courage & could send the Queen Bee

Or the Buddha to send belief, resilience & strength

Perhaps the recipient on your list needs is taking life in a new direction and needs the push that tells them...keep going. The Mermaid is there for her.

And if she needs to know that she can do anything - the world is her own for the taking, no permission, then the Moon & Star Set  is for her. 

Finally, for the holidays, a message of connection, peace & love from the World with a reminder on the magnet to do something for someone else today... That may be the key to happiness, after all.


You can access the full collection on 10/31 here.

To shop EARLY this week with the limited first run, you need to be a VIP. Shopping starts 10/28 for those on the list.

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