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What bettter way to begin breathing better air is there than to fill your space with greenery? Succulent plants are all the rage right now, and they are actually easy to grow if you do not have the greenest of thumbs when it comes to raising house plants.

Did you know that:

Our indoor air might be a bit dirtier than our outdoor air. Not so great since we spend quite a bit of time living in our homes. So, what to do. Well, plants naturally release oxygen as they take in carbon dioxide, but some of them also filter toxins we don't want in our air, like: benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene (BC Wolverton; WL Douglas; K Bounds (July 1989). A study of interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement (Report). NASA. NASA-TM-108061.)

You can find a List of plants here -- according to safe/poisonous. Check for pet-safe plants as well. This is a list of plants and what they filter. 

Where should you start if you have no idea what to grow?

Aloe We love aloe in our house. We use it on minor burns and scrapes. You cut the leaf and slit it down the side and put that goodness right on your skin like magic.

Boston Fern So easy to grow and great at filtering the air. Ferns are also back en vogue:)

Any Succulent They require little water and look really cool. Group them and create a lovely rock garden in your sunroom. Succulents are just fun as well as functional.

Herbs If you don't have a kitchen herb garden, you are missing out on a way to bring in some real food into your recipes and also bring a little greenery to your life and surroundings. Most grocery stores actually sell potted herbs now. All you have to do is water sparingly and keep trimming them (cut and cook with them or toss in salads!) and you are set.

Spider Plants Easy to hang up, care for, water, and they produce runners with 'baby' plants on the ends, which means you get more plants for your money.


So, in addition to bringing in plants, what else can you do to breathe better air? 

Try these:

  • Get outside to walk for 15 minutes each day. Lead up to this if you aren't used to walking. Fresh air does wonders for the body and the soul. Make it a family affair if you can.
  • Get an air filter for your house if someone has allergies or just because. Remember to check your air filters in the central air, etc. Those things clog quickly and need to be changed often!
  • Try out some natural cleaners. The stores use natural brands that aren't as expensive these days and are a nice way to test out a few items. We just started using a wonderful hardwood cleaner here that works well and is all natural. Score! Also, very reasonable.

There you have it. Give these a try and let us know how green your house has become! See you in the comments or over at the facebook group where we talk about these things in real time.





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