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Some new soaps are here that I feel really connected to, probably because they represent a part of who I am and the stories we all face as women. Plus, they feature the words behind them to continue on as reminders of what matters most.

The first soap in our collection is the Buddha Soap with Lotus Flowers. Like all soaps in the collection, it has a story to tell of how it can serve as a constant reminder to you to live your life to the fullest. (Who knew soap was so insightful, right?)

The Story behind the Buddha Soap with the Lotus Flowers:

The Buddha's message to deliver refers to the Lotus flower.

Here's what we know about the lotus and what it can teach us:

  • The lotus grows in muddy water, yet it remains beautiful as the mud falls away from the petals while it grows.
  • The flower first sprouts underwater. Despite the mud and murky conditions, it reaches for the sun each morning and blooms with pristine petals, the mud no longer traceable. 

How can you look to this simple flower that the Buddha so often delivers as a symbol of persistence to those who are just trying to get through the mud and muck of daily life? 

  • You can keep reminders of its message all around you: keep going; the struggle will result in a beautiful transformation.
  • You can make reminders easily accessible and notice them often, thoughout your daily routine, so that the messages become ingrained.
  • You can tell yourself a new story, that your magnificent moment in the sun is closer than you think.

Ideas for reminders:

  • Mantra cards
  • Journals
  • Art prints

Or the brand new quote bag with a  glistening Buddha soap inside, along with a quote magnet for your vanity, gym locker, desk or bathroom mirror. 

Update: Here's a peek at the Buddha Soap. Jump on the email list to make sure you hear first about the official debut.

Hurry----Limited offer for this happy guy and the stamped mantra bag he arrives in, plus a hidden message magnet:)

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