Celebrating Love all Around Us This Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is a day of love. I get it.

I like to think about love all year long, though, like the way love is actually all around us, all the time.

This kind of love - the love in my world - includes all of the people (and pet love) in our lives we treasure. It extends.

I'll tell you how far my love stretches and bends and winds. There's enough love for the many who bring me brighter days, and make my life the gift I know it is.

Here are 10 ways I treasure all the love:

  • I love my house of 'boys,' even though 90% of the time I feel like I live in a frat house.
  • I love all 105 pounds of the big dog German Shepherd who is probably the only being on this earth who loves me completely and totally unconditionally:)
  • I love the girlfriends in my life, those who have been around since I was seven-years-old and those I just got to know a few years ago.
  • I love my like-minded, go-get-'em firecracker gals who lift me up, chat with me about business, and life, too.
  • I love the friends in my teaching world who always make me feel like my potential is limitless.
  • I love my friendship with my mom and sister and treasure the 10,000 names we have for one another.
  • I love the friends who feel like family who care for my kids when they are oceans away - who can pick up a phone and pick right back up on an old conversation.
  • I love my mom friends who sit with me on the sidelines of basketball games and yell until our husbands cringe--that's the good stuff.
  • I love my mentor friends who make me strive to be better and do better.
  • I love my spiritual friends who let me know everything will be okay.

There's more than enough love every day of every year. You haven't looked hard enough if you can't find your love story.

Tell me...Who do you treasure?

I hope you celebrate them this Valentine's Day, and every day.


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