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While talking about the numerous benefits of green tea in the last post, I mentioned that the buddhist monks relied on the matcha version prior to meditation for the sense of calm alertness it brought them.

This made me think about sharing another daily practice I have made a habit over the last year. While I have never been great at sitting to meditate, I have now learned that I can practice one minute a day, just before I go to bed.

Why do I do it at night? Because I toss and turn for hours otherwise.

If you battle hours of tossing and turning before bed because your mind wanders and worries soar, I get it. Try this (and note that I am not an expert in the area of meditation, but this is a combination of suggestions that have worked for me that experts I have sought out have given me --my version, if you will):

For just a minute before bed you can make your nights and days so much better.

  • Lie in a dark, comfortable room and close your eyes
  • Focus your mind on your breath flowing in and out of your body
  • Count the breaths in through your nose, then out through your mouth
  • Your mind will wander inevitably, so just notice that
  • And then bring it back with a word or phrase like "breathing"
  • If you are sad or worried, just know you are breathing it out and that it is temporary
  • If you want to bring new positive energy in to your night and your day, add an affirmation on the breath in, like "I am happy" or "I feel calm and rested" and breathe out the negative thoughts
  • You may find you meditate yourself right into sleep. Congrats. If not, keep practicing
  • Like everything else we focus on to improve our wellbeing, this too gets easier

Over time you can experience the long-term benefits of better moods and higher quality of life in general because when we sleep at night, we are more alert during the day. It's all about the balance. 

If you want a longer meditation, you can try the one I walk you through in the Vision Board Course. This one is from a course I took with an actual expert and has a ton of bonus material for free. 

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It's that easy! What is stopping you?

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