Green Tea for your Daily Routine


Are you in search of one simple thing you can do to improve your wellness routine this year?

Start with Green Tea. In all of it's simplicity, it's packed with goodness for our health and beauty.

Want to know more?

  • Did you know that Green Tea is full of polyphenols that help to neutralize those pesky free radicals that run wreak havoc in our already-stressed bodies?
  • What's more, there are so many opportunities for skin to become damaged, that we want to give it all the nourishment we can.
  • Our skin cells actually regenerate every 3 months. That's like a whole new opportunity to replenish our outer layers with something new and exciting as we wash away the old. Do you want the damaged cells used to replace that old skin or would you rather nourish your body and creating a glowing new layer, ready to take hold?
  • Green tea may just be one way to get you to that goal.

Not only do we love to drink it here at Second Spring Naturals, we also love it in our products. Our facial cleansers and creams, in addition to our body butters, all contain green tea. Even our scrubs take advantage of the skin-nourishing benefits of green tea.

Do yourself a favor and try a cup or two during your morning routine instead of coffee. Maybe even treat yourself to some new skincare that features this amazing ingredient that comes straight from nature, where most great skin secrets come from.    

Want to hear more about the latest products coming out with this amazing addition to our line-up, and other powerhouse ingredients you can use in your home for DIY and more? Start here:


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