Did you know you can redesign your life? Even if you are over 40?

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I thought I would take some time to update you on what I have done over the last four and a half years to completely redesign my life in a way I never thought was possible.

So much for those limiting beliefs we impose upon ourselves. Here's a tip: don't wait as long as I did to do all of the things you never thought were possible.

Here's where I was right before I turned 40:

• Working full-time and driving over an hour into a busy city to teach through our University grant program in 3 different city schools. I loved it, but it was a lot to juggle and took up the majority of my day and evening.

• Raising 3 boys as I prepared to send the first to college with the limited time and headspace I had available.

• Trying to keep up with the mom jobs of cleaning, cooking, making all of the appointments, sports for the boys and --- it's too exhausting just remembering all of this.

• Wishing I had a few minutes to just have coffee with a friend.

• No longer doing fitness classes or exercising because there are only so many hours in a day and I wanted to spend mine with my family.

• Eating well when I could, but getting a lot of take-out dinners because I didn't get home in time to cook.

• Trying to figure out schedules and childcare and......

• Suffering from kidney stones and related infections almost constantly, getting migraines and experiencing more digestive issues that had started a few years prior.

• Feeling frustrated, anxious and unhappy, and then feeling guilty about my feelings.

• Oh yeah, building a business on top of all of this.

• Feeling stuck because I was responsible for half of the household bills, and I simply didn't see another way.

Sounds like a blast, right? Now, I am not complaining about my 'old life' because I still felt fortunate to have my family and a good job, but I always knew there was a way to live better and feel better. What I didn't know was how to get there. I honestly felt like I was just not meant to live some of my dreams. That's kind of sad when I think about it now. The good news is, I did it. That means you can, too.

So, let's jump ahead to where I am now for a minute:

• No longer working full-time for the University, but able to still teach two days every week, which I love.

• Working almost full-time on my business, which makes me happier than I ever thought I would be.

• Spending time with friends every single week.

• Working out with my new gym membership 5 days a week, and getting out to run in the woods in the morning with my dog.

• Making healthy meals during the day and cooking for my family without feeling stress around time.

• Maintaining an organized, clean house--I even have a handle on the laundry!--without stress.

• Enjoying time with my boys and husband every day.

• Putting my youngest on the bus every day and walking to the bus stop to pick him up with his dog every single afternoon, and not relying on someone else to do this for me because I left so early and got home so late.

• Meeting inspirational women and building new friendships.

• No longer suffering from all of the weird ailments that kept plaguing me.

• Watching my business soar and making plans for a future I never knew was possible.

I could go on with this list, but this gives you an idea of how I live my life these days. It's unbelievable to me that I am where I am right now. Over the last year, I started to compile a series of tips that have helped me to get here as new challenges developed and fear crept in. I'm sharing all of those beginning in January of this year.  I'm also sharing the journey as I continue to work on the rest of my new and bigger dreams. 

If you want to know more, and watch me keep on going, because you are where I used to be, you can. Go here . 



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