DIY Bath Tea Recipe for Mother's Day

This is a simple DIY bath tea recipe; however, it has taken some time to craft a scent blend that has worked well for our business, along with a winning combination of botanicals and salts that is universally loved. We are sharing it with you to use for personal purposes because we're nice like that.

First, What exactly is a bath tea?

Well, think about the most wonderful bath salts you have ever used, and then think about adding to the benefits of those by bringing in some wonderful Mediterranean and Himalayan sea salts and removing any artificial color or scent. Next, add some natural fragrance in the form of dried botanicals and essential oils, but make it a blend that you can’t quite identify. You just know it’s something you know will make your day better.

Now, imagine using this in the bath without creating a mess that clogs the drain or otherwise hampers your lovely bathing experience. If you can imagine all of that, you can imagine what a bath tea is.

What you will need:

 • Disposable Paper or Reusable Muslin Tea Bags (4x3 or larger is best)

• A Glass Jar (Think Candy Jar – you can find one at Walmart for only a few bucks!) to Make Your Tea. This also Makes for a Lovely Presentation that Smells Wonderful for guests

• A large glass or stainless steel bowl • A small glass or stainless steel bowl • Measuring cups

• A Scoop

• Dried Lavender Buds • Dried Chamomile Flowers 1/3 cup • Dried Calendula 1/3 cup • Dried Rose Petals ¼ cup

• Mediterranean Sea Salt or European Sea Salt Blend ¼ cup

• Himalayan Salt 1 cup

• Dendritic Salt ¼ cup

• Orange 10 Fold Essential oil 4 drops

• Lavender Essential Oil 6 drops

• Vanilla Essential Oil (Use the oil from Bulk Apothecary – trust me). 4 drops

**The essential oil amounts indicated are based on safe usage. If you feel it isn’t strong enough, and are using it for personal use, you can test the amount and add a bit more drop by drop.

The Steps:

First Step: In a small bowl, combine the DENDRITIC SALT and your essential oils. The dendritic salt is in powdered form and holds onto the essential oils, allowing them to release in a lovely burst into the bath.

Step Two: Add the other Salts and Stir, Stir, Stir.

Step Three: Allow to dry for a bit.

Step Four: Add in your dried botanicals and stir. If you are keeping these in a glass jar to scoop individually into tea bags, simply place the lid on it. Otherwise, spoon into your muslin or disposable paper tea bags and seal them! Done!

And now for some variations:

Summer Tea

Hibiscus flowers

Orange Rind

Lemongrass Rose Petals

Calendula Scent with Lemongrass and orange essential oil (16 drops per every 4 cups of salt) English

Garden Tea

Rose Hips

Rose Petals

Hibiscus Chamomile Lavender Scent with Rose essential oil (16 drops per every 4 cups of salt)

Enjoy! And Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mamas!

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