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The holiday season is fast approaching and those last-minute Secret Santa or Co-worker gifts are always add extra stressors to our holiday to-do lists. Get on top of it early this year and tackle those gifts early plus your co-workers, you know, those people you spend most of your day with? They'll appreciate you for coming up with something super unique and thoughtful.

We've got you covered with co-worker gift ideas  this year with our Top 13 picks.


1. Cocktail Infusions? Yes please. Get me to 5 pm, Baby. 

I mean, it's booze, right? Sometimes happy hour needs to start a little early in the office-sphere. InBooze® is owned by Ashleigh Evans, a mother of 4, former food blogger and cocktail lover. In 2018, she wanted an easier (and healthier!) way for everyone to enjoy drinks at home. By infusing with simple fruits, spices and herbs, you know exactly what is in your cocktail! She sources most of her ingredients locally in Michigan and uses organic whenever she can. So fun.

2. A Sloth Mug. 

I mean, I don't know about you, but Sloths make EVERYTHING better, even the office ..... I see you my office co-worker gal pal with the myriad of plants on her desk and a crochet basket under your keyboard. This mug is calling your name.

Salty Sea Dog Designs is the collaboration between the husband and wife duo of Blair and Sarah Dawes. Their ceramic partnership explores animal designs with cheerful colours, animated expressions and whimsical creations.


3. An Essential Oil Infused Pen


This one is a must for all of the stressed out co-worker on your list this year. A pen that helps you relax while getting through your day? Genius.  Your co workers will seriously wonder what's hidden in your lunchbox when they catch you being all zen and smiley. 

Jada is a Mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur. She has  been in the jewelry design business since 2011 when she opened my first Jewelry company called 3 Little Gems (named for the fact that I have 3 kids) She wanted to have a business where she could be a work from home mom. It soon blossomed into a very successful company taking her to the Daytime Emmy's gifting suite in 2014 where some of daytime televisions stars received her jewelry. 



4. What about the office cook or happy hour enthusiast? This Tex Mex Salsa is sure to please that fabulous co-worker who always brings their A-Game in snacks.. 

Well, they had me at pirate. And also salsa because I love a good chip and dip. Pirate Ringo grew up on America's Third Coast – the Gulf Coast – a culinary intersection that has many delicious collisions! After relocating to Central Oregon he found a lot of good food, but sadly, no Tex Mex. You can read more about him on the page. 


5. The coffee mug that speaks to you will get you through the morning. 

You know who she is, that co worker who collects words? Yeah, that one. She has quote signs about quote signs hanging from every spare space and is wowing you with inspiration from her post-it collection of wisdom. She needs this in her life.

Maddie B Designs started off as Megan's freelance graphic design biz over 10 years ago! But it was only in 2016 that she fell in love with the art of modern calligraphy and took her designs from digital to holding them in  hands and all of the things you see here!


6. Custom sweet treats! Office heaven right here. 

She delights in sweets and chewy goodness because it gets her through the day and quite frankly, who are you to judge?

Candy and chocolates are always great, but what makes Sweet Delivery truly special is how personal each gift is.
The message that you send, the milestones you recognize, the gratitude you show and the smiles you give.


7. We all have that pen collector friend, am I write? This is the perfect gift for that gal. 

She has pens in every size, shape, color and denomination. When it comes to pens, this gal never discriminates. She welcomes them to her humble cubical to gather in a magical rainbow cloud of happiness. 

Sparkle, Hustle Grow offers subscription box and super fun office gifts for the female business owner.


9. A bottle of wine with a witty saying will speak to the holiday seasons for sure!

You can see her checking her watch, waiting for that blessed hour when the clock strikes 5 and the holidays have officially begun. You may as well send her off in style.

Bobbi Jean K. hails from South Carolina and offers quality, affordable, and stylish leather and wood earrings and studs, bracelets, necklaces, and other unique gift ideas such as pot holder gift sets and wine bags.


10. Tumblers and travel mugs for the commute are a must for any hard-working biz mama. 

She is the office Boss, this gal. She gets sh$t done and she means it.

Mug Haven is an online retailer based out of Oklahoma. 


11. A six-month calendar to help your favorite co-worker crush her goals is a gift that speaks volumes. 

We all have one organized planner aficionado in our office lives. She's the one with the clean desk and mood lighting. Gift her this and it is like planner heaven gold.

In 2020 Helen started using three planners, and two different wall calendars - She was definitely going to win the year. Ha, the irony of a pandemic, but look what she created! 

12. Bath Tea -- because at the end of the day you just need to scrape together what's left of you to do it all again tomorrow. 

This is the perfect gift for that stress-out someone who has papers all askew and deadlines that have drifted into an alternate universe. She needs your help, this co worker. Don't disappoint her with a Starbucks card for her already overly-caffeinated self.

Carrie offers unique, handmade bath and body items to help even the busiest mama relax and recharge.

13. Hand-lettered ornaments.

Nothing gets us in the spirit of the holidays like something new and personalized to add to the tree. Be your funniest self with whatever you decide to add to the ornament. I know I have a few ideas for my coworkers - just in case you need some inspiration. Here for ya!

Mia Nicole founded her business after feeling 'stuck' in her 9-5. Now she is here to help you feel better about yours with gifts to make everyone in the office smile.


And there you have it. What more could you ask for in the perfect gift guide for your co-worker pals? Happy shopping!



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