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It has always been my intention to grow my little business so that I could help other women by giving back. This is the first year I have achieved enough of my goals to make this happen.

I chose Gratitude Soap as the product that would help me to give back to my community this year. This soap allows me to use the ends of my soap bars (that might otherwise be wasted) to create colorful balls of soap that decorate a brand new product: Gratitude Soap. It is lemon-scented and luxurious, but it's also just, creamy lathery -- all the stuff of rainbow-filled dreams and bubble baths. 

I'd love to share the process of making it with you, so here you go: 

Now, how will I give back?

The plan is to give .25 cents of each bar to a local organization. I already donate to Oxford Neighborhood services by giving soaps and creams the women who are undergoing cancer treatment. I will continue to do that because it makes me happy, and my hope is that it makes them feel beautiful, feminine and just a little better in some small way.

Another organization I would like to work with (Gratitude proceeds will go to them in December) is one that one of my store owner's told me about. They help women and children in times of emergency to find housing and get back on their feet.

Finally, I love what Wings for Success is doing for single moms in need during the difficult transition back to work. I haven't figured out what I will do for them, but it may involve fundraising and clothing donation, along with a little spa package. 

I have plans for this business and I want to make a difference. This is the year I will begin. Thank you for helping me get here.



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