How I maintain my fitness routine during the holiday season

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Fitness during the busy-ness of the holiday season can be tricky for four reasons: it's cold outside, it gets dark so early (for many of us), we're prepping for the holidays, and it's just easy to make excuses.

This year, I am not letting any of those reasons stop me from keeping up with my health and wellness routine, and I'll tell you why I feel so confident in making that declaration. It is simply because I have committed to one year of building myself up, getting stronger physically, and improving my hormonal, emotional and physical health. So far I have stuck to it. Why on earth would I stop now?

So, if you are feeling the hum of the holiday excuses drawing you closer to cozy socks and hot chocolate or a glass of wine, you might want to try adopting a new philosophy around fitness this year.

The best way to explain how I have changed my entire mindset around exercise, something I have struggled with for years, is to show you the 3 components of my routine I rely on now. 

• Pilates

Pilates has brought me not only a sense of community, but has also helped my business grow a wonderful new customer base. It is the end of my day and serves as a source of strength and meditation.

I started pilates (again) in January of 2018 after a very long break. I remembered how much I loved this particular class at my gym, and when I returned I couldn't believe the same group of ladies was still there, looking and feeling stronger than ever. There were a few new faces, of course, but they welcomed me in and it has been as much a social experience I look forward to as it is a workout that is making me stronger (literally) at my core. Pilates, for me, is meditative, challenging and like soul food. I remember our instructor saying to give her a year. That's exactly what I intend to do. These days I combine my pilates days with jogging.



• Running

Running has brought me back to nature where I experience emotional and mental healing from spending time in the woods. It gives me time to think and also to spend time with one of my very best friends: my German Shepherd, König.

I have found that I need to jog a few days a week in order to feel like the best version of myself and to get my work-at-home mornings started. I am not a fan of running in harsh weather, but I do love going into the woods and hitting the trails. I rarely even listen to music anymore, something I never thought would be possible. Rather, I enjoy the changing of the seasons and the feel of the earth crunching beneath my feet. Beginning my day with jogging and ending it with Pilates a few days every single week has given me a structure I was craving. When I don't go in the woods, I run the roads with my German Shepherd. He has become a wonderful running partner. Winter coming? I actually look forward to the glistening, bright snow during my run.

• Barre Class

Barre has given me friendships, a structure for what has become my favorite day of the week, and confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Barre Class combines ballet moves with yoga, pilates, dance and strength. I take Barre every Friday morning now. The class is super challenging, but allows me, again, to start my work day with a renewed sense of energy. I also enjoy the community in this class, which is very different than Pilates. I have set a Friday routine around this early class now that I look forward to: Barre, coffee with a friend from class (where we also talk about our businesses) and then I do my weekly food shopping. After all of this, I am still in the studio by 11am.


Why will I stick with it? The question is really why wouldn't I?

My suggestion to you if you are struggling with motivation is to try one thing. Just one. Try a class, take a walk, spend time in the woods. Make sure you enjoy it and see the multitude of benefits that it brings you. I'll give you your first benefit to get you out and moving: your holiday season will be much less stressful and filled with tons of gratitude because you have taken these steps to improve your life. Those around you will love you more....because you have decided to love yourself enough to get up a little earlier every morning.

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