How I use Salt Baths to End my Day

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Water, for me, serves as therapy after a long day of work, family duties and exercise. Maybe it's because of my sign of Cancer that I have always been drawn to the relaxation of the tub, or maybe my body just appreciates a nice long soak; either way, it works for me, so I thought I would share my nightly routine with you. 

Pick your favorite and begin a new evening soak routine!

I end each night with a salt bath. I know, it seems indulgent, but think about how often we really treat ourselves to a bit of pampering and self-care compared to what we put our bodies (and minds) through on a daily basis. The amount of effort that goes into caring for others or doing our jobs deserves a few minutes of downtime so that we can be better when we feel better. That's my theory, anyway. 

How do I use Salt Baths to end my day?

I soak in a combination of salts, from Dead Sea to European Spa Salts to Atlantic Sea Salt to Epsom Salts. I also add in other things that I'll share below. 

  • Dead Sea Salts are my favorite. They come from the Dead Sea where the combination of the sun and the minerals (only 8% sodium chloride and higher in magnesium and potassium) in the water create a salt that is wonderful to soak in. 
  • Epsom Salt is actually magnesium sulfate (not sodium chloride, which is what makes salt SALT) and its name comes from a spring in England. People use them to soak tired muscles and also garden with them! While I don't have proven data to show that salts do things like help with specific ailments, they sure feel fabulous when you soak in them, so I'm going to keep on doing it.
  • Atlantic Sea Salt is collected through a process of evaporation when water is collected and allowed to evaporate until the salts are left for our own bathing purposes.
  • European Spa Salts are really Mediterranian Sea Salts and are harvested much the same way as the Atlantic Sea Salts are, with slightly different compositions. 
  • All of the salts can be purchased in different grains from fine to course to large chunk (bath tea!).

There are so many varieties, but these are my favorites. Try them all and seek out a few new ones. I also use the following:

  • Sea Salt Soap that is so ultra-conditioning and foamy I can't get enough of it. It's made with a high concentration of coconut oil that works with the fine grains of the European Salts and is a frothy wonderland in a soap.
  • Bath Tea that combines salt with botanicals like lavender, calendula & chamomile + a dash of essential oils in a tea bag. I need all the help I can get unwinding to prepare for bed, and the combination of these herbs and the salt does the trick every time.
  • Milk powder, colloidal oats and kaolin clay that I keep in a glass jar with a scoop. This helps to soothe the skin and adds a creamy feel I love.
  • Salt Scrubs with shea butter & oils to add the moisture my skin needs, especially in the winter months. They exfoliate the dead skin and add the softness I love just before I pat dry and reach for my fluffy robe.

When I use any combination of these things, I sleep better and know that I am taking care of myself in a simple yet luxurious way. You can try it, too. Let me know which one you tried and if you have made it a habit.

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