7 Ways Planning, Organizing and Decluttering Led to Better Self Care in 2018

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2018 has been a year of redesigning my life.

It really has. Today, I wanted to share one of the unexpected changes I made that has probably had one of the biggest impacts on how I feel every day.

Disclaimer: I have never, ever been good at planning or even using a calendar or planner. I may even have been known to have 5 planners going at once without ever looking at a single one with any kind of consistency. What I lacked in effort, I made up for in intention and constant overwhelm. That said,  with the amount of tasks I have had to juggle over the years, it shocks me that I still managed to get things done.

That all finally changed this year! Today, I can proudly say that I use a single planner (and actually look it every day), my house is neatly organized and stays clean, my grocery bill has gone down and so has my stress level.

This is what I did to completely turn my stress into motivation (and now gratitude) in 2018:

• I started a journal/goal book that I keep in my bathroom near the tub -- because I like my nightly baths. It is basically a bullet journal that I write in every night to plan the next day's routine. I start with a few items I want to accomplish and also add one big goal for my business to tackle.

Here's the game changer, though. I list my goals, manifestation style every single day. I go into much more detail on how this has resulted in major changes in my life in my Vision Board Workshop, which you can access via the email sign-up below.

• I decided to declutter my house, one room at a time. Basically, I took on one task every day until my house felt neat and organized, right down to my kitchen pantry, which now has bins for everything. 

• I tackled my grocery list by beginning to do some quick meal planning at the beginning of each week.

• I found a laundry schedule that is easy -- after 22 years of laundry chaos. So huge.

• I looked at cleaning my house with a new lens and can't believe I missed the simplicity of it all for so many years while I was lost in overwhelm.

• I created a routine for my workouts and my studio time by block planning.

• I dug into my closets and created a capsule wardrobe. Who knew?

There are so many small things I did that are now routine in my life, and that led to monumental changes in my overall wellbeing. I can honestly say I live with less stress now and I am so grateful for that.

I have created a community of women, like me, going through the hormonal changes and life changes that come with our forties. That is where I go into detail about all of these things and so much more.

You can find out more about that here:



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