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Now that I am in my forties, I have noticed so many shifts in my body (skin, weight distribution, hormonal mayhem). It has led me on this path to self-care that I never anticipated, that is for sure. It began with fatigue and a general sense of the blahs and a need to feel better without a bunch of medication. I believe in working with my doctors and also taking a natural approach, so a hybrid approach to healing is exactly what I did.

I spent the second half of 2017 working on my cortisol levels which had dipped so low I was told I needed to get steroid injections, which I successfully avoid, and getting my body moving with short jogs. That was all I could handle at one time. I also began to eat a very plant-based diet, which worked, until it wasn't enough.

This led me into 2018 where I started a fitness journey I now depend on for my overall health, happiness and wellbeing.

I never thought I would crave a workout, but it is now how I start my day. It keeps anxiety at bay, helps me focus and stay in the moment, and just gets me where I need to be for work and family. It is my baseline (watch for a new product with that name coming soon, btw). 

These days you can find me in Barre and Pilates a few days a week. I even went to Body Combat a few times with a friend. Goat Yoga? Yes, please. My girlfriends who have invited me to those adventures know me well. I spent this morning in the woods doing a jog without music (also something that seemed impossible before) just taking in the surroundings and enjoying the process. 

I am sitting here sipping on an iced coffee with coconut milk as I wait for my soap oils to cool and .... I am happy.

So, this blog post began as a food post, but it turned into something else, I suppose. It looks like there will be a Part II coming to address how I have completely overhauled my eating as well. Stay tuned and happy July!

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