How Tea Keeps me Grounded

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If you find yourself looking for a way to get grounded during the busy pace of your daily life, aside from the quick meditation practice I mentioned in an earlier blog post, you can also try one of my favorite, go-to methods for feeling grounded & relaxed.

Tea Time may have started abroad, and it is where I first picked up the habit during a trip to England when I was twelve years old. Yes, I have been drinking tea daily since I was twelve!


Let's get specific about a few things. Tea is actually a lot like we are as women, a delicate balance of simplicity and complexity all wrapped up in one beautiful package.

How can Tea help to simplify your day while also leaving you with a feeling of 'being grounded' due to the subtle complexity of its make up? 

  • Teas are simple, but also complex, just like we are as women. This is why I feel a natural connection to a hot herbal tea or an iced version in the summer months.
  • The simplicity of the tea lies in the subtle blending, if you think about it. It is also seen in the quick consumption and lack of preservation in its preparation process.
  • The complexity of the tea lies in the balancing act of flavors and notes.
  • It is simple in its tradition, yet modern in its adaptability. For instance, one might find a white ginger pairs well with a spark of peppermint (more to come on this).
  • Tea heals what ails us and allows us to explore a sense of pleasure from a burst of flavor and scent, much like we feel when entering into a new season.

So, now that you are hooked, where to start with your tea journey?

Here are a few must-haves from my own pantry where I am admittedly a tea hoarder:

  • Green Tea with Hibiscus for hot or chilled consumption
  • Matcha powder to blend with raspberry tea
  • White Tea with Ginger
  • Dandelion Tea with Milk thistle and orange peel (for a nice cleansing effect)
  • Spearmint & Clover for a bit of energy
  • The traditional English Breakfast with honey and milk for a bit of comfort during the afternoon 
  • For my 'night night' tea (don't laugh--it's a struggle sometimes), I go to valerian and chamomile

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  • Marie Douglas on

    I completely agree! Tea makes me feel so grounded and happy and is such an essential to my daily routine!

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