How to Become a Soap Maker

If you are thinking about starting to make soap on your own, I finally developed something that might be helpful for you. Basically, I've taken all of my years of experience (8 now) in making cold process soap and put together a guide in the form of an eBook that is roughly 28 pages and 2 videos that show the process.

From the eBook:

Table of Contents:

  • About Carrie -  page 3
  • An Explanation of Cold Process Soap with a Quick Guide  - page 3
  • The Science behind soap page 5
  • Soap safety and equipment explained -  page 7
  • Tools and equipment needed to make soap - page 8
  • A guide to oils and butters in soap making - page 9
  • A Complete Recipe to follow with measurement instructions - page 18
  • Resources: Where to buy materials or ingredients, tools and online resources to save you time and money. - page 25

As you can see, I've also included a page with links to resources, like suppliers for beginning soap makers that I have used and still continue to use myself so that you will not only save time, but also money.

There is a section about my story, about soap safety, an explanation of the actual science behind saponification and a quick guide to oils and butters. I am even including a recipe to get you started with a video that shows how to make it alongside me. 

Finally, you will get information on formulating recipes with the website app I use to formulate my own.

Sound like something that might interest you? Head here and grab it while it is 50% off! 

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