January is Energy Month: Learn to talk to yourself to feel better

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Energy generation in January continues! 

“A ship does not sail with yesterday’s wind.” – Louis L’Amour, The Walking Drum

You read the last post on 'eliminating the yuck,' right? Good. Now that you have stopped telling everyone why you want to do what you want to do and why you can't do....ah! Enough already. Aren't you glad that's over?

Let's get to what you do need to talk about:

Have you been telling yourself stories for most of your life that aren’t getting you anywhere? You need to stop doing that.

Picture this, you’re single and have said this for 5 years:

I want to live in California by the water and have a dog I can walk every day.

You have also said this:

I need to stay on the east coast because my family lives here….

I can’t because I have a job here….

I would, but I have friends and a house here…..

So, you have continued to stay on the east coast, naturally.

And you will, until you change the stories you tell yourself.

You have to reframe the need, want, can’t and would or should or what you tell yourself in those words will continue to happen. We create our own destiny.

I will live in California with my new dog next year.

My family loves and supports my happiness.

I am so excited about the new job I will find in California, by the water.

I will enjoy adding new friends to my life in California.

Think about a negative story you have told yourself (or a limiting belief) for a long time. I’ll give you my example:

I can’t start a business and work for myself to travel the world and spend time with my family AND earn the kind of money I want to in order to support my happiness BECAUSE I have teaching degrees, a pension and that’s what I am expected to do to support my family.

Huh. 40 years later…….Guess what I was NOT doing?

So I changed my story.

I enjoy working in my own business where I can earn money that supports my happiness and allows me to spend time with my family and now I travel whenever I want to! I can teach THROUGH my business:)

And my life changed, too.

Homework: Change the story you have been telling yourself.

Take anything that sounds like:





And turn it into:

I enjoy

I can

I create

I am

Reframe it and create a sentence that you can repeat when you find yourself in a place of making excuses as to why you can’t have what you want or be who you want to be. I love affirmations like these. I'll talk more about them in my email to the VIPs on their own self-care and wellness journey.

You can join us if you want. It's easy:


I'm in! 2018 is my Year for Wellness

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