Making Activated Charcoal and Goat Milk Soap

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I get custom orders from time to time and this is one of my favorites. I love a good goat milk soap that has a load of activated charcoal in it. This bar is unscented, so I thought I would add a touch of 'fancy' and do a mantra swirl.

First, lets get the 411 on the benefits of activated charcoal:

• Activated charcoal (as opposed to wood charcoal used for heating purposes) is used for medicinal and beauty purposes, like detox and and for digestive health.

• Additionally, it binds to drugs and poisons (you've heard of its use in the ER for pumping stomachs)

• It is said to aid in anti-aging by reducing the rate at which you become sensitive to toxins as you age

• Used for pore cleansing in facial masks 

• Acne spot treatment

• Air purification

So, since it has all of these wonderful properties, why not use it in your bathing routine? That's what we said.

But let's not forget about the Goat Milk!

The combination of activated charcoal and goat milk are like the perfect bath-time elixir. Why goat milk? Well, while the activated charcoal is the ultimate cleanser, the goat milk is the ultimate moisturizer...and it creates a killer creamy lather, too.

Ready to see it made? Let's do it!


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  • Stacey on

    Do you also use olive, palm, and coconut oil almond with everything else? I milk my goats so I use frozen milk with the lye and then heat the oils in another pan then mix Them together, but I can’t seem to make it thick like yours.

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