Why You Need To Embrace Natural Soap

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Are you a member of the Soap Bar Enthusiasts Club yet?

If not, it might be time to get on board. Here's why:

The humble soap bar is back and gaining favor among the masses. From beauty queens and insiders to boho hippie chicks to Manhattan socialites with minimalist dreams and marble floors, soap bars have made their way home to beautiful spaces.  

Soap bars, you see, are the most versatile stylists when it comes to the art of fitting in to any space without invading either a pristine style or Mother Earth (no packaging required). They can both accent the purest white bath with a tickle of pink and scent a room with a potency that has your guests looking for their favorite Anthropologie candle

They have stood the test of time, and dare I say Aged Beautifully

Bar soaps have spanned generations of women. My own Grandmother, who recently passed at 100 years old, always had a perfectly white bar soap sitting atop the retro blue tile that still paint a picture of my childhood memories in dreams. My mother's guest bath features a lavender bar without fail, as my own bath routine will always rely on the bar soap for making relaxation that much more....relaxing. The bar soap is a part of me, you might say. 

What's the Big Deal about the humble soap bar?

They are rich and creamy with milk, honey, butters and oils; they lather and suds and the skin literally drinks up the goodness of these simple luxuries. A simple milk soap can go from face to all parts of the most sensitive soul and it feels like heaven.

Let's face it, no bathroom or beauty routine is ever really fully complete in its true essence without the simple, humble soap bar. 

If you're new to the experience and feel like you're missing out, don't fret. Smart, savvy women have been using the soap bar for years and it isn't going anywhere. In fact, you can get started today. Why wait to begin something so simple that can turn your entire morning or evening routine around? We're so confident you will love them, we'll make it easier for you. 


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