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As I continue to prepare the Naturally Empowered Collection for its debut in October, a message from the next soap is the topic of today's blog post: 

Let's face it, some of us don't do a great job of starting our day, let alone following through on tasks throughout that are important, yet maybe a bit--tedious. Take self-care for instance. We know it's important, but life gets in the way with distractions and other things we consider important, but then we feel the effects of neglect.

That's why I created this collection of soaps. It's a dually-powered system to naturally empower your thoughts as you also renew and cleanse with purifying ingredients, like salt soap.

But, back to the mermaid and what she has to say.


 If you're like me, you sometimes wait for permission to Go for it.

Sometimes what you really just need to do is head out into unchartered waters and take the chance on something you believe you should be doing because either:

• you want to

• your intuition is giving you the nudge in a certain direction

•  it has always been a dream to do it or

• you think you might want to try it, but you're worried about what someone might say

Sometimes you are thinking about changing course in your life, and it feels drastic or maybe fear is tugging at you in a familiar way that just feels--well, crappy.  Who doesn't relate to that at one time or another? It's been in it that isn't much fun. 

Change and fear are no fun. Transition and results are never seen or felt right away, either, and it doesn't matter if it looks like someone else may have achieved the same thing you are looking for overnight. If you're brave enough, though...

The message from the mermaid is:

• with the belief in ourselves and consistent steps we can feel the freedom of achieving our goals, even in unchartered seas.

Does this sound like you? Need a nudge? Then, the mermaid might just be the reminder to keep swimming. You'll get there.

Plus, find out the moment these mermaid soaps are released along with a new SERIES OF E-CLASSES to take you on a NATURALLY EMPOWERED JOURNEY- one simple step at a time.

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