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I posted in the last blog about how 2017 and 2018 have led me on a wellness journey that has been beyond my wildest expectations. I mean, I have muscles in places I didn't know I could have muscles (LOL) and my willpower, ability to actually quiet my mind and my overall stamina is through the roof.

It wasn't always that way, however. In fact, until I made another shift --small steps do indeed lead to great change, take it from someone who now gets it--I was in a bit of a stalemate with my progress.

So, it turns out, once you are somewhere in your forties, your hormones decide to wreak havoc on your entire being, which includes how weight is distributed and how eating one chocolate bar can cause a 20 pound weight gain. This is an exaggeration, but for me, someone who has always struggled with weight, it isn't that far from it.

Basically, I decided that I wanted to be strong, as strong as I could possibly be, both mentally and physically. This meant I had to work on my body in a way that felt pretty drastic. I had already gotten the strength training underway, but I wasn't satisfied with my energy levels and dress size (lets be real).

I am not a big meat eater and carbs have always been my best friend, even while on a gluten-free diet for the last 10 years or so. Needless to say, when I decided to try a ketogenic diet, my body sort of put on the brakes.

I took my carbs way down to about 20 grams per day, watched about a million and one Youtube videos and read a book a friend gave me. I kept up with my plan to include a ton of green leafy veggies and not eat a bunch of meat that I just don't like.

I have been doing it for a month now and the progress was slow at first, but it has been an amazing feeling for me. I mean, I really like ice cream so this was a huge challenge. Sugar --- gone. Just gone. And I did it.

I plan to talk more about how this is working for me in the next blogs, maybe one each month can focus on this topic. So, stay with me and throw your comments below if you are on a keto journey, too. I would love to hear your tips, tricks and experiences!


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