New Year New Perspective

Let's kick off the start of 2018 with a little Real Talk. 

The focus of this month is going to be restoring Energy that you have likely depleted in the better part of 2017. I'll share some of my own journey and experiences this month and beyond as I make myself a priority to get healthier and feel better. As I do in all things, I have researched, spoken with the experts and I always have a plan.

Let me explain.

If you are anything like I am, you are busy doing too much. Maybe you spend your time running a house, working outside of the home, perhaps growing a business, and raising kids, all the while doing the 'thinking jobs' required of so many women....

What do I mean by thinking jobs? 

I define thinking jobs as all of the extra things that take up head space for moms, in addition to the work, cooking, cleaning and kid-running madness that is, well, everyday life. This is not a complaint. I actually enjoy my life as a mother, but I am also ambitious and want many things for myself and my family. I tend to juggle a lot. Many of you will relate.

For instance:

  • Did the dentist appointments get made?
  • What is for dinner this week?
  • Did the youngest get signed up for soccer?
  • Does he have a ride on Tuesday?
  • Does he have socks?
  • Did the oldest get his essay finished for college applications?
  • Did I schedule my own OB appointment?
  • Who needs a haircut?
  • Family reunion dinner plans?
  • Christmas lists?
  • School lunch duty....can I do it?

Thinking jobs.

So, there are a lot of things that take up space in our minds as women that require effort and energy and often result in things like self-care taking a backseat because--where is the time for that? There isn't time for that. That's the answer. The result of this is two-fold: anger/resentment and poor health.

I have experienced both of these outcomes and you know what? That makes me sad. It makes me sad because it is self-inflicted. Recently I had a bout with a health scare, enough that it made me check myself. It turned out to be fine, but then I watched a close friend get a diagnosis that wasn't so fine. I doubled back and did some real thinking. And then I acted on it.

I have since resolved to never feel like this again --this overwhelm--because life is too short and I simply don't have to.

It truly is a basic decision that we make to take control of our own lives. Are there circumstances beyond our control? Yes. Can we work with what we CAN control to make the rest more easily endured? Absolutely.

I actually use more of my own products these days and take a lot of hot baths. I walk my dog in the middle of the day and sometimes sleep in. I have a serious plan for 2018 that will see me building my business while I actually enjoy life a little more. Can you imagine that? Stay with me and I'll share my story and the steps I am taking to feel better and live better.

In the meantime, figure out what you will do in 2018 to make some simple changes to eliminate stress. Eliminate is the key word here. What can you get rid of to live better?

I can't wait to hear your stories. 


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