New Year New You - The Beauty of a Clay Mask

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When was the last time you took a minute to give yourself a lovely face mask? Perhaps you would rather not remember the gooey green feel of it or the fact that you left half of it stuck to your cheeks and eyebrows when you tried to get the darn thing off. Sound familiar?

No wonder you haven't used one since! Don't worry. We're going to change that today.

If you experienced anything like I described above, you'll know why I designed a powder clay mask with only four ingredients that you can mix with any liquid for the perfect consistency. It exfoliates, moisturizes, pulls the gunk out of your skin and is easy to remove when you are ready.

I love a good powder clay mask.

Bentonite Clay is the best de-gunker around and one of my favorite ingredients to use. Fuller's Earth is the other for the brightening effects it has on the skin. Add some Rose Clay to feel purified, and you're all set for the perfect skin cocktail.

Oh, almost forgot about the moisturizing properties of a clay mask. I have to admit that I have a secret ingredient for this one. I love the softening feel of goat's milk, and in an organic powder base it is the holy grail of my clay ingredients. Add your liquid and you have a milky texture with a little scrub to circle into your skin before it hardens and does the tough work.

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