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The new year is upon us, friends, and boy do I have some big plans and goals and today I am sharing one of them that has me ready to jump into 2022!

The Facebook Group Community

The first area that I am focusing my efforts on in 2022 is my Facebook community. I have a group of nearly five hundred women who have attended monthly soap sales and shared laughs and community to a degree up until now, but I am going to give them a group they can be proud of in 2022 -- a group that serves them instead of one that simply serves my business.

What does that all mean? Well, a lot of planning for one, but I have the first three months mapped out and ready to go. This is what it will look like:


Each month will have a wellness-based theme that will carry us through the 30 days. January's theme is Embrace the Morning. 

The Purpose

I wanted to have a set focus each month on some area of personal growth and wellness, moving us beyond just surface-level skincare and allowing us to take a deep dive into real and true self care. I also wanted to build a real community where women help one another and I facilitate the process, create a structure in which this community can thrive.


Each month there will be a book related to the theme. January's book is Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I have already implemented his strategy and have seen such amazing changes in my own life that I am sharing it in the group as we read and discuss together.


Of course, if we are learning, we should also challenge ourselves to use what we are learning and put it into action. The challenge helps us do that and can be customized to each individual's goals. 

Vision board

In January we will do a vision board together. I truly believe in the power of vision boards when done with the right mindset and action plan. We'll kick the year off with one. 


I'm bringing in women who have specific expertise in all areas of wellness. For instance, in January we will start with three amazing ladies. One is a fitness expert, one is a Reiki expert and crystal candle maker and the final guest is the owner and maker of a planner business. They will host mini workshops, share video tips and offer specials during our end-of-month sale.

Other resources

I am a perpetual student. While I still teach, I am also a lifelong learner and I read voraciously. I always have a book, podcast, article or video at my fingertips and will share those in the group as they relate to our theme. 

Weekly Lives

I will pop into the group daily, but on Mondays I will have live videos to check in regarding certain topics and to share what works well for me, answer questions, introduce events and experts and so on.


At the end of each month there will be a sale in the group of skincare and soaps carefully chosen as they relate to the monthly theme AND service discounts or product discounts from our experts.

This is my year to bring my role as teacher/facilitator into the business I love with the intention of serving the women in our community --and I couldn't be more excited.

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