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You want to lead a life with less stress and begin to enjoy your daily routine, but this is easier said than done. I totally get it. In fact I've been there. So, how can I help?

I can share what has helped for me after years of researching and doing a bit of trial and error in this arena. 

Here are 3 tips that I have found useful in keeping my own stress level down. Try looking at these areas of your life as a priority and see what happens:

1. Sleep

If you are anything like I am (or like I used to be), you sleep in irregular patterns. Sometimes you are up late and rise early to start your date. Other times, you go to bed early, convinced you are changing your routine for the better to get that good night's sleep, only to find that you wake during the night to toss and turn. The result? inadequate sleep.

We need a certain amount of sleep to restore our bodies from the day and for the day ahead, but also to rest our minds. The world we live in today is too busy and we juggle so many things: jobs, children, sports, the gym, remembering to get groceries and schedule appointments. Social life? Sleep is a little important, yet we place it last on the list sometimes because....who has time?

We need to make time. I need 8 hours to fully function at my best. What about you?

2. Stop scheduling so much in your day.

Figure out what is most important in your life. By this I mean your highest priorities. What are they? What will really bring you joy and not stress? If the things you are adding to your calendar do not add to the betterment of those particular things, maybe you need to think twice about what they are actually taking away from.

For instance, my family is always a priority. My business is a priority. My best girlsfriends are a priority. Everything is weighed against these things with family as number one. If someone asks me to volunteer for something when I could otherwise be spending time with my little boy as he rides his bike - the boy wins. If my second job asks me to do something that isn't urgent and a friend is stressed because she is a single mother, her washer broke and she needs to use mine, she can come over. I'm available. That's how life works for me now. It wasn't always that way, but I figured it out.

3. Try new 'feel good' things. 

You know, like salt baths, herbal teas and skincare products. Make sure you are using high quality items, obviously. It's sort of like the healthy eating thing here where what you eat affects how you feel. You want to feel good about what you are bathing in or sipping or putting on your skin, too. 

I take a bath every night in a mixure of (giving away my secret concoction here) epsom and sea salts + kaolin clay, goat milk powder, colloidal oats & baking soda. Divine does not begin to describe this. I read, relax and it is must my time to unwind from the day, relax sore muscles from a run...whatever. 

I finish the routine with a hydrating cream and then do a facial mask. I also sip on some chamomile or what I call my "night night" tea, which is just a blend of relaxing herbals that you can find under any 'relaxation' blend in the market. 

There you have it. Give these some consideration and maybe even try one for yourself. If you like this and want more of these posts each month, hop on the monthly email list for blog posts and monthly VIP sales exclusives. 





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