September is the Second Spring

For me, September is a Second Spring, a time of certain change, but also of excitement and possibility. I'm going to tell you what it represents first, and then I'll tell you -- why September.

September is:

  • New beginnings
  • Second chances
  • Leaving behind that which I do not need
  • Courage to buckle down and charge forward
  • Falling away of burdens
  • Colorful opportunity

Sounds a lot like spring, doesn't it? Well, spring has never really been a time of awakening for me, but fall....I have had a love affair with fall my whole life. Perhaps because I could hide behind the sweaters or await the changing of the leaves. Maybe it has something to do with scent memory of pumpkin and spice or the anticipation of a chilly walk down a city street. Whatever the case, for me, it has always been fall.

All change begins in this season for me. It's as simple as that. 

Autumn is, after all, a Second Spring.

So, this time I thought I would share it with you in a slightly more meaningful way than launching a business or opening a soap shop. 

You likely know I am an avid reader and researcher already and that one of my passions is language and teaching. Bringing it here to the business in a simple discussion via the blog is something that makes me happy, and it is a 'change' that will come to Second Spring Naturals this year--the third season of the business I have become so fond of.

What does this actually look like? 

It looks like some new products (launching the first week of October through the end of October) more closely linked to the words and women who inspire me, and some more blogging behind the stories of why I chose to create them. The Facebook group will share a more personal journey as I take on some challenges of a more personal nature each week and challenge you to do the same. 

But the best part is, with our new salt soaps & super cool goal reminders comes a new SERIES OF E-CLASSES to take you on a NATURALLY EMPOWERED JOURNEY- one simple step at a time. Find out when they are released by signing up!

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