Soap Making for Homeschool Moms and DIYers

I've been a teacher for a long time--20 years, in fact. I taught from K-12 in 3 subject areas and then moved to higher Education to teach English and train teachers in elementary schools and the Master's program at the University.

I loved being a teacher. I still teach privately now, so I haven't let go all together. There is always this itch, though. So, I thought I would bring the worlds together a bit and design some soap making and skincare tutorials that can also be used as lessons in homeschool classrooms. It was one of those moments early in the morning when I was thinking about how I could bring my teaching to something like soap making.

If there is one thing I excelled at, it was designing creative lessons, so this just fit. Now I'm giving you the material and you can use the recipes to tap into content areas like the science of formulation and saponification, math involved in creating and measuring out recipes and even entrepreneurship as you make something you can actually use as well. Run with it! Ignite your own homeschool mama creativity.

I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago! I'll add a link here for you to find out more about a new soap making course, complete with an ebook and two video tutorials.

I'll even give you a free lip balm recipe to get you started with a fun activity that will leave you with gifts to give during the holidays as well.


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