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I've always been a tea lover, from the moment I set foot in England during a family trip when I was twelve-years-old, I was hooked. In fact, I'm enjoying a cup of tea as I write this blog!

Now that you know the inspiration for my Balancing Act Soap in white tea, ginger and mint, you can follow along as I make it and cut it. It's a particularly large batch as this is a popular soap here at Second Spring Naturals, but I can still manage a lovely tea green drop swirl that appears to dance in and out each bar.

The soaps contain goat milk for a creamy, dreamy lather and to provide extra moisturizing properties, along with a heavy base of olive oil. The white tea ginger is a very fresh scent that is the perfect spring into summer blend, with just enough peppermint essential oil to wake you up for your morning shower.

Enjoy, and thanks for coming along with me today!


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