Story Time

It's almost time to close my little soap shop in Chesapeake City as the owners have new plans for the space. I was having a nice Saturday down there, until I created my own little drama. I thought I would share here.


It's a Saturday here in the town on the water, so....busy. And I have a story.
I was running out to talk to another store owner and decided to lock the door so I don't get robbed. I haven't done this in the entire time I have been here, but today seemed like a great day to start.
So, I locked my door ( which is a padlock--this part is important).
I got halfway down the sidewalk and realized I brought the wrong key with me.
**Moment of panic*****
There are now 3 customers waiting on the porch with things to buy. in their little hands...
I tell them I locked myself out - please come back in 5 until I track down someone with a key.
I run in the backdoor of the Inn because Ed (owner) has a key, but always loses it, but this is the chance I have to take because I can't call anyone else - phone is in the shop.
I proceed to run up and down and all over the Inn.
No one is home...they took the dog out walking. Both Ed and Sarah. This never happens.
***Brief panic returns***
I stand there stuck and just looking at my building. I'm a 'freeze up' kind of fight or flight person.
I then notice the air conditioner unit in one of my windows and get an idea.......
Thinking to myself: If I lift up the window (in this 1800's building...) and gently pull out the AC unit, I can simultaneously put something in to catch the window when it slams shut and I will avoid decapitation when I reach in. Win win.
This is brilliant. Maybe I can actually reach my key behind the checkout stand. I don't know why I thought this because there was no way I was going to reach that key.
I lift out the unit and put a soap bar in to hold the place after running around looking for rocks or other small objects.
I realize the unit is plugged in and I can't sit it down because it will just dangle in the air. Now I'm holding the unit and the window...
I stand there stuck as people watch me.
Smile and wave. All good here.
I think about the fact that this is my life....
I prop up the AC unit with one of the big rocks as I reach my go -go- gadget arm around the inside to unplug it and sort of just dangle out the window.
It's too far away.
I then try to reach toward the general area of the key. Yeah, that's not going to work either.
I run back to the Inn and grab a chair.
I'm wearing a skirt. This is also worth noting.
The customers are watching me as are people who walk by on the street.
I proceed to stand on the chair and not very gracefully hurl myself through the window while trying not to break my grandmother's shelf that is in front of it....
I'm in!
I have this kind of Rocky moment where I throw my hands in the air and wait for music to play, but then.....
....Remember the padlock part?
Yeah, I can't actually get back out.
I have now locked myself INSIDE of the building.
I look out the window and see two of Ed's bar employees passing by and I thank the Lord that I don't have to fall out of that window and sprawl onto the quaint little brick path.
The customers who watched were so impressed they bought half the store....not kidding. I should have done this a long time ago!
Ed poked his head around just as I was walking outside to greet the customers waiting.
He's holding the AC Unit...
He's going to miss me.

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